The most dangerous illnesses
are those that make us believe
we are well.


so i was just trying to log into my old email account and i couldn’t remember the password so my security question that i set for myself two years ago pops up

and it is:


and I’m like, what a dick move, me. I don’t know the fucking answer. Why? Why? Why what, me? What are you trying to ask me, you little shit?!

so in a fit of rage I type in ‘BECAUSEFUCKYOUTHATSWHY’

ding password reset 


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im so sorry

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Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me—


do you ever realize that your followers aren’t just a number

they’re real people with jobs and pets and possibly an annoying neighbor


you have real people who like you


"School is school - she wants it to be over, but she’s afraid of it being over, because then she’ll have to figure out what comes next."
--Every Day, David Levithan (via runningfromtruth)


Some pockets of time, if we cherish them enough, seem to last forever. What infinities are you thankful for in your life? #TFIOS


when your OTP becomes canon


make me choosesaumsherri asked: outlaw queen or swan queen

Basically Captain Swan in Bleeding Through

Emma: Hi Hook. I've decided that I'm gonna flirt with you as much as you normally flirt with me!
Emma: BTW check it out my magic is fucking awesome
Emma: Hooook what's wrong why aren't you being as much fun as usual?
Emma: Oh and look I can flirt with you by using my magic
Emma: Man magic is so much fun
Emma: C'mon what's wrong with you? I'm not the only open book around here bro.
Emma: We should kiss
Emma: and also magic is my favorite
Killian: *hits his head against the wall*





Two things to note about this scene:

1. The candle burning between Hook and Emma is dual sided. Why is this important? Because of the concept of “Twin Flames,” which is used to describe a special type of “soul connection” between two individuals.  Anyway, from what I remember about this, it can also have implications of a love that is both as ancient as time as it is eternal (GOD, that’s poetic and beautiful, isn’t it?). This deeply reminds me of Snowing and not just how they always find each other, but how Charming knew something was wrong with Snow when she had eaten the apple — their love and their connection was just that powerful that he knew she was in trouble. Additionally, all of this is extremely interesting because in this episode, Snow told Regina that she feels with her whole soul, not just her heart, and then Regina dropped her walls and kissed Robin and as a sidenote: according to writer Jane Espenson, Robin feels that same connection to Regina. I mean, I’m not saying soul mates, but I’m totally saying Hook and Emma are soul mates ;))

2. The colors of the candle and where it’s facing. Hook gets the black side and Emma gets the white — Hook’s dark to Emma’s light. There’s so much symbolism here, it’s crazy. I also think it represents what’s happening in their lives: Hook is sort of retreating into himself and his darkness and keeping Emma at arm’s length because he’s afraid of hurting her, while Emma is finally embracing all of that light and magic in her and ready to let him in. It’s so beautiful because light always beats the darkness, that’s the trope, and if Emma allows Hook into her heart, if Hook allows himself to trust Emma and let her bring him into her light, they’re going to win and they’re going to beat Zelena and they’re going to have all this love that’s so powerful and stunning and I have a lot of feelings about this okay. T_T   

Homework: A
Classwork: A
Project: A
Test: F
Final grade: F